Scar Tissue Remediation

The Miracle of Scars

Scars do the important work of protecting, healing, and binding us back together after injury, surgery, illness, infection, or childbirth. They are a beautiful fact of life that tell the story of our lives in bodies.

Scars sometimes don't know when to stop doing what they do best, which is to bind us together. Scars that have overgrown over time can inhibit optimal circulation and posture. When scar tissue grows systematically over years, it can also cause pain or restrict movement or sensation, impeding proper function of muscles, organs, and glands. People often don't realize that a mesh of scars can reach far into the body, beyond the site of the original injury.

“Patient’s often don't seek scar remediation because they assume it will hurt. My work is very effective without causing pain like other scar-tissue-related modalities.” - Andy

How does scar tissue remediation work?

Scars that inhibit our ability to experience pleasure, sensation and movement anywhere on the body can be reduced with healing touch. Manual manipulation techniques to remedy scar tissue can encourage tissue regeneration, often bringing back feeling to scar sites, making scars more pliable, less painful and often less visible.

Andy’s somatically informed hands-on techniques bring needed blood flow and lymphatic drainage to scar sites to help restore them to healthy, more flexible tissue. During each session, he teaches clients techniques that enable them to facilitate their own healing process. Most people report noticeable changes in one or two sessions.

Reasons some people seek professional scar work, education and management:

Gender confirmation surgeries: chests, donor site scars, phalloplasty, scrotoplasty, metoidioplasty, vaginoplasty and facial feminization. Rib adhesions and dense tissue from long term chest binding.

Childbirth injuries, perineal tears, c-section scars

Abdominal surgery scars can be addressed to work towards avoiding future bowel blockages

Circumcision scars that are overly tight, causing painful erections

Organ & gland surgery scars – heart, bladder, appendectomy, thyroid etc.

Cancer surgery scars

Repetitive work injuries

Sports injury scars

Adhesions from chronic inflammation

Sprain sites, repetitive ankle rolling scars & adhesions

Carpal tunnel when nerves & tendons are pent by scar

Adhesions from chemo/radiation


Dupuytren's contracture repair

Face lift

Neck lift

Tummy tuck


Breast reduction, enlargement, augmentation

Chiropractic adjustments that don’t hold because of pulling from scars and adhesions

Joint replacement/repair scars

Surgical drain scars

Road rash

Bone fractures

Bullet wounds

Puncture wounds

Burn scars

Cutting scars

Childhood scars

Indented scars

TMJ & jaw adhesions from chronic tension, clenching & grinding

Dental surgery scars


Headaches caused by tension where surgical or injury scarring to face, head or neck is present

Client Experiences



Walking has become easier with less pulling and tugging. It’s violating to get pulled when walking, and emotions come up, but much less since we began our work. It’s empowering to realize that there is hope for relief.



Andy worked on an old but major scar. After one session, my scar felt more supple, mobile, and was less visible.



Over 20 years ago I was in a car crash, had multiple surgeries and ended up with a lot of scar tissue and debilitating pain. I've sought treatment many times over the decades and was always told there wasn't much that could be done. I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever live a pain-free life. A few sessions with Andy have significantly decreased my daily pain levels and also increased my tolerance for activity before I start to have pain. He's given me my life back after 20 years.



Andy Stout is a magician with scar tissue. I was having tightness and tenderness in my forehead that quickly turned to headaches whenever I needed to concentrate. I had invisible scars from a childhood accident and a more recent surgery that were affecting me. I've only had two sessions, and I'm already having fewer headaches. The unexpected bonus is my face is back to being more symmetrical. I love it.



As a massage therapist myself, I'm pretty fussy when it comes to finding someone to work on me! I have no hesitation in recommending Andy's excellent work. In one session he helped an old scar tissue ankle issue and his work felt so good I immediately scheduled two more sessions. It's hard to find therapists who can bring this kind of careful attention to detail and specialized approach to chronic issues as well as what is needed in the moment. Andy is a skilled, compassionate practitioner in all respects and we are fortunate to have him in the East Bay!



After my first session with Andy, my chest feels much more open, my breathing feels better, and my upper body pain is reduced.



Following my first scar session with Andy, I've been feeling great! There's way more openness in my ankles and spine. I was able to sleep longer on my right side last night than I have been able to in a long time.



I'm feeling great! It feels like the area that wraps from under my right arm to my lat opened up and is connected to my whole body now! Working out was fun yesterday, too. I could tell my right arm reach is a bit longer because my lat is connected now- definitely helped during bear crawls.



Hi! I'm feeling so great! Really noticing less pain in many places, also feel a little bit more aware of some of the still tender spots. Excited to do some work on myself in the coming weeks and see what moves!



I'm feeling great! Sometimes I'd experience tightness at the scars under my arm when I toss and turn while sleeping and I immediately noticed that tightness is gone! Overall, great progress. My scars aren't as irritated in the mornings,  and the usual tightness I'd get around the midday mark is not as prevalent.



Thank you for your wonderful work. I woke up for the first time I can remember where my ankle didn't feel like it was in a vice grip. I have so much more mobility & could feel different parts of my hip & leg firing in my workout today. Thank you so much!!



Mostly I notice my wrist. The indentation is much less pronounced and my wrist is "freer". Likewise my torso feels "freer". It's subtle but different. Thank you.



I’m feeling good after my first scar session. Noticing my chest scars feeling less tight already, which is amazing! I don’t feel sore or tired.



After my scar work yesterday, it feels like my muscles are putting themselves back to use. I'm doing better now. I have noticed more mobility in my abdomen and I think you got some adhesion off my bladder, because I'm not waking up during the night to pee like I was and I'm noticing my bladder is holding much more fluid than previously.



My rib is feeling much better. I'm able to inflate my lungs fully without a spasm in my back so that's a win.

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