Meet the Team

Jae Reed

Jae Reed D.C.


Dr. Jae Reed is passionate about helping people reduce their anxiety, stress and pain, and to access their natural capacity to live rich full lives. Years ago he was a person with big dreams but even bigger anxiety which stifled his capacity to move forward. Then he was introduced to N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique) a mind body technique that changed everything. He quit his 15 year job as a teacher and embraced chiropractic school so he could bring this amazing technique to others.

Along the way he mastered many other techniques, including N.I.S. (Neuro Integration System), Cold Laser Therapy, Activator, and holistic nutrition to round out his healing abilities and be able to meet each patient where they are at and move them forward. Dr. Reed will expertly design a safe, effective treatment tailored to your unique needs.

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Andy Stout

Andy Stout, CHMT


Scars do the important work of protecting, healing and binding us back together after injury, surgery, illness, infection or childbirth. They are a beautiful fact of life and tell our story. Scars sometimes don't know when to stop doing what they do best, which is to bind us together. Scars that have overgrown can also inhibit optimal circulation and posture. When scar tissue grows systematically over years, it can also cause pain or restrict movement or sensation, impeding proper function of muscles, organs and glands. People often don't realize that mesh of scars reach far into the body beyond the site of the original injury.

Scars that inhibit our ability to experience pleasure, sensation and movement anywhere on the body can reduced with healing touch. Gentle massage techniques to remedy scar tissue can encourage tissue regeneration, often bringing back feeling to scar sites, making scars more pliable, less painful and often less visible. Andy’s somatically informed hands-on techniques learned from the pioneering body worker and scar tissue remediation expert, Dr. Ellen Heed, bring needed blood flow and lymphatic drainage to scar sites to help restore them to healthy, more flexible tissue. During each session, he teaches clients techniques that enable them to facilitate their own healing process. Most people report noticeable changes in one or two sessions.

With nearly 25 years of experience as a certified holistic massage therapist, Andy brings a focused and intuitive grounding touch which comes from a place of compassion, kindness and non-judgement. His sessions are always client directed and based on clear communication and enthusiastic consent from the client.

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Debra Pattinson

Debra Pattison


Debra helps people deepen their mind-body connection through Craniosacral Chiropractic. When the body can’t fully take on an event, such as a fall or a repetitive motion, it creates safety by creating scar tissue or adhesions. Sessions with Debra always begin by returning your body to a space of safety.

Craniosacral uses hydraulics to bring movement back into the body whereas Chiropractic releases these with joint biomechanics. Working with the body as both solid and liquid, as both wave and particle, allows your sessions to be highly effective. Previous patients have found support with headaches, shoulder pains, menstrual cramps, back pain, neck pain and emotional capacity.

Before chiropractic Debra was an inner city teacher and a botanical surveyor. These two paths helped them be heart centered while being determined to find a holistic solution to problems. Debra is happy to strike up a conversation about plants, hiking trails and music the next time you’re in the office!

Neurodiversity-Savvy, Trauma-Informed, LGBTQIA+friendly