Patient Stories

Health is a journey, not a destination

Each client’s journey to a healthier, fuller life is unique. However, we’ve found that most patients have one of four starting points when they begin their journey.

Select the starting point you would like to learn more about:

Health Journey #1: Referred by a practitioner

In this case, you are probably already on a plan with your health including diet, nutritional supplementation, exercise, and some other modality such as chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathic care, etc. However, there may be specific triggers or general stresses that hold you back from healing as fully as you want. In cases like this, the focus here will be on N.E.T., and allowing your primary practitioner to do the job you are under their care for.

As an example, if you are under the care of a chiropractor, then your chiropractor will do all the physical adjustments and if you are seeing a naturopath they will continue working on your nutrition. The work we do together usually assists your other practitioners’ modalities to work better and faster.

Health Journey #2: Need body-focused healthcare

In this case, we do a complete consultation and evaluation to make sure nothing else is contributing to the issues, and then we focus on removing the physiology of your issues with N.E.T. By removing the physiology of the issue (the fight and flight responses) most people find they can follow through with the steps they need to live the life they want and achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Often, the patient can then move on to deeper issues with their therapist or discuss what they learned in N.E.T. to help move forward. We may do some other techniques or nutrition as needed, but the focus remains N.E.T.

Health Journey #3: Completely new to body-work

In this case we will do a complete consultation to figure out if we think we can help or if we think another type of care would be a better first step. If we do think we can help, we will do a full exam that includes checking structure, nutrition, emotions, toxicity, and some neurological tests. Then we will create a treatment plan that gets to the heart of your issue in the most efficient way possible.

Health Journey #4: Need great results in little time

This option is not for everyone. It’s a private half day or full day session. The in-office version may include meal and snack breaks, and the out of office version usually involves going to your home or other places around the city where specific triggers and memories occur. N.E.T. can be done safely in longer sessions with the right tools.

There are several reasons to do these sessions. Sometimes the client is in a time crunch. Perhaps they need to master their fear of public speaking before a big speech. Sometimes they have specific issues that occur in a specific place and we want to be in that place to clear the stress more efficiently.

Due to the intense nature of these sessions, they may not be booked more than once every 6 weeks, and we often need a longer consultation and screening process. The cost varies with the amount of time and location, but they generally range from $1000 to $3000.

If you would like to check out N.E.T. with me on your healing journey, contact us and we can take the next step!