The Mind-Body Connection: Unraveling the Link between Emotions and Physical Pain

In the pursuit of understanding the complexities of human health, scientists and philosophers have long explored the intricate connection between the mind and the body. There is a fascinating relationship between emotions and physical pain, in which our emotional experiences can manifest as tangible sensations in our bodies. In our office at Azure Chiropractic, we…

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Unlocking the Power of Supplements for Enhanced Nutrition and Healing

Nutrition plays a vital role in our overall well-being, yet its significance often goes underestimated. A lot of people have a hard time taking supplements regularly, and I get it! It can be a pain in the rear. However, over the years I see people getting better so much faster when they take their supplements…

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Finally! An All Natural Way to Treat the Root Cause of Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia Without Side Effects

I am sure you heard of the Psychologist Ivan Pavlov’s salivating dog experiment. In this experiment, Pavlov used a bell as his neutral stimulus. Whenever he gave food to his dogs, he also rang a bell. After repeating this action, he tried the bell on its own. The unaccompanied  bell now caused an increase in…

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The Elephant In The Room

How many chiropractors does it take to change a light bulb? Just one…. but it’s going to take 50 visits! This joke has always simultaneously made me laugh and cringe. It’s hilarious because it’s absurd! But there’s that cringy truth about, too, right? We purport to “turn on the power” and flip on the switches…

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NET Neuro Emotional Technique

NET Is A Gentle Process That Provides Quick Relief From The Effects Of Unresolved Stress What Can NET Treat? NET can treat physical and behavioral stress-related conditions in both adults and children. These conditions include headaches body pains phobias general anxiety self-sabotaging behaviors allergies and much more… It’s important to note that NET does not…

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What Is NIS And How It Works

Neurolink or the Neurological Integration System (NIS)  bases its treatment methods on the neurophysiological principle that the brain governs the function of all the body’s systems through the brain is an automatic signaling system. The brain is constantly receiving information and feedback from every facet of the body and in turn, it sends back ‘fine…

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