Neurological Integration System (NIS)

What is Neurological Integration System (NIS)?

Neurological Integration System, or NIS, is a system of actions performed in a prioritized sequence that finds, isolates, and corrects disruptions in the cellular signaling process between the nervous system and the body.

The nervous system is in control of all bodily functions, and like any system, if it’s not maintained, it can break down. Everyday events like stress, infections, chemical imbalances, or trauma cause disruptions in the messages sent between the body and the nervous system.

When the nervous system loses communication with organs, muscles, joints, the immune system, the hormonal system, etc, the body begins to feel symptoms of this breakdown.

NIS practitioners find where these signals break down and prompt the nervous system to restore healthy functionality. Since your nervous system is repairing itself, NIS is 100% safe and accurate.

How does NIS work?

NIS uses a muscle test to determine where a neurological pathway has been disrupted. Each step in NIS determines the level of communication between the brain and certain neurological centers (cortical, spinal, visceral, and glandular). If neurological disruption exists, the test will produce weakness in the muscle selected for testing.

NIS prompts the messaging center of the brain (known as the post-central gyrus) to acknowledge the dysfunction so it can correct itself. This restores appropriate control to the testing muscle. NIS doesn’t functionally “do” anything, it merely makes the brain aware of an issue and allows the brain to repair the body.

What are the benefits of NIS?

NIS is safe, non-invasive, and non-manipulative as well as relaxing, painless, and powerful. It’s been practiced all around the world for over 30 years and is suitable for the whole family.

NIS complements other chiropractic approaches to treatment and can assist in getting to the deeper causes of your condition or injury. NIS is especially helpful if the problem has been present for a long time, or if it’s failed to improve after other treatment options.

What does NIS Treat?

  • Aging

    arthritis / joint degeneration/ osteoporosis

  • Allergies

    psoriasis/ hayfever/ digestive issues

  • Asthma

    respiratory complaints affecting both children & adults

  • Back & neck pain

    structural issues/ sciatica

  • Children

    reflux/ colic/ ear infections/ asthma

  • Chronic fatigue

    Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

  • Circulation

    blood pressure

  • Depression

    anxiety, stress

  • Digestion

    irritable bowel/ gluten intolerance

  • Learning / behavioral

    ADHD/ ADD/ dyslexia/ hyperactivity/ Aspergers/dysphagia

  • Men’s health

    fertility/ prostrate

  • Migraine & headaches

  • Neurological Injury


  • Skin problems

    eczema/ dermatitis/ psoriasis

  • Sleep disorders

    insomnia/ apnea/ tiredness

  • Sports

    injuries/ training

  • Viruses/ immunity

    colds & flu

  • Women’s health

    fertility/ PMT/ menopause/ pregnancy

  • And much more

Neurodiversity-Savvy, Trauma-Informed, LGBTQIA+friendly