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Meet The Team

Meet The Team At Azure Sky Chiropractic

Meet The Team

Our Mission

First, Do No Harm... We recognize that the real doctor walks in the door with the patient: it's you!  All true healing comes from within.  Drugs don't heal anything.  They manipulate symptoms, and they can buy you time. (And when it comes to emergencies, surgery, etc., I'm so glad they are available!)  True health is only possible when the body's systems are in good healthy communication with each other, and that means a healthy nervous system.

The whole purpose of Azure Sky Chiropractic is to bring awareness and healing to the community. What makes this practice unique is the deep recognition that everything – and I do mean everything – is connected to and can affect everything else.

If you are having chronic pain which causes you to need medications frequently, I urge you to explore drug-free solutions. Your body and life will thank you.  In our practice, we go back to basics and honor the concept of doing no harm.  



Jae Reed D.C.

Dr. Jae Reed is passionate about helping people reduce their anxiety, stress and pain, and to access their natural capacity to live rich full lives. Years ago he was a person with big dreams but even bigger anxiety which stifled his capacity to move forward. Then he was introduced to N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique) a mind body technique that changed everything. He quit his 15 year job as a teacher and embraced chiropractic school so he could bring this amazing technique to others.

Along the way he mastered up many other techniques, including N.I.S. (Neuro Integration System) Cold Laser Therapy, Activator and holistic nutrition to round out his healing abilities and be able to meet each patient where they are at and move them forward.  Dr. Reed will expertly design a safe, effective treatment tailored to your unique needs. 

If you wish to contact Dr. Reed Directly you can do so at



  • Doctor Of Chiropractic Degree- Life of  Chiropractic West , June 2015
  • Externship - Dr. Kim Makoi Chiropractic, 2014
  • Internship - Life Of Chiropractic West, 2013
  • Teaching Credential - Multiple Subject, 1998
  • Bachelor Degree of Psychology - Oregon University, 1997





Kim Makoi D.C.

Dr. Kim Makoi has been exploring the cutting edge of mindbody chiropractic since the beginning of his chiropractic career in 1997. It started with seemingly miraculous results for chronic headaches and anxiety that he himself had been experiencing. While traditional chiropractic helped - enough to inspire him to pursue chiropractic as a career - it was the mindbody approaches such as N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique) that have truly become his passion and purpose!  Over the past few years, Dr. Kim has integrated new methods such as NIS (Neurological Integration System), which have reduced the number of treatments needed for patients to achieve their best results.


Through over 20 years of active clinical practice, Dr. Kim has honed his skills and is at ease working with people of all ages and with a variety of conditions. He approaches each case as unique and creates an individualized plan utilizing NIS, NET, homeopathy, nutrition and exercise. Dr. Kim currently practices in San Francisco with Azure Sky Chiropractic, as well as in his private practice in Sacramento. 

  If you wish to contact Dr. Kim Directly you can do so at



  • Doctor Of Chiropractic Degree - Life University, June 1997
  • Undergraduate Degree - Nutrition
  • Bachelor Degree - Metaphysical Sciences 
  • Certification - Addictionologist



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