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"I started doing NET with Dr. Reed a couple years into my gender transition. In my 40s, I had spent most of my adult life on antidepressants, but still suffered with crippling anxiety and depression. Sometimes, at first, transitioning can be difficult, and for the first couple years, mine was thoroughly uncomfortable. This compounded my existing depression and I was desperate for solutions. I had a shoulder injury for which I was receiving chiropractic care and started discovering NET around the same time. The combination of chiropractic care and NET has helped to ease the discomfort of my transition, helped me to overcome an astounding lot of my depression and anxiety and has helped me to get my body in the best health I’ve ever felt. I’ve never felt better. Now I need NET much less than I did at first,  and I continue with occasional care because it helps to keep me feeling well".

- A. Stout

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"Dr. Kim is an incredible practitioner. I've seen many chiropractors in my life, but would rarely go back to see them because frankly, I didn't see results. The month before I saw Dr. Kim, I had tried two other chiropractors who also had decent yelp reviews. Two health care providers I trust recommended him highly, so I tried him out.

They were so right!

Dr. Kim has changed the way I see chiropractic care, and health care in general. I began this year recovering from a parasite, lead and mercury poisoning, and gluten intolerance. Needless to say, my system was a mess. I had a ton of joint pain, and my neck was a disaster from working in technology for a few years (and just being human!). In addition, I used to have lots of creaky pains in my knees and neck that I just thought were the pain of living. 

These aches and pains are TOTALLY gone now. My joint pains rarely appear. He is now part of my "board of directors" now to keep me healthy and functioning well. After an appointment, the little creaks that appear from being an active human are normally fixed. Not only has he helped with musculo-skeletal alignment issues, my emotional life is better, and my system is not so stressed out all the time! 

Seeing Dr. Kim on a regular basis has made me a healthier, happier, human being, and the family I've sent to him feel similarly.

If you are in pain, or are just looking for a great chiropractor, check out Dr. Kim!!!"

- Elizabeth O



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Synopsis: Dr. Kim Makoi is magical and you should make an appointment immediately to see if he can help you. 
Dr. Kim saved my life in an acute situation. With extremely gentle manipulation of some pressure points or something like that (magic), he fixed me in 15 minutes, while western medicine had been ineffective for weeks. It actually did save my life. 

Another time, he solved a very uncomfortable set of prescription drug side effects where again, western medicine was not working. 

His neuro-emotional techniques have uncovered deep-seated traumas that I didn't consciously know about, that later were proven to be real. This has led to a lot of healing. 

So, I recommend you just go and see. Thank you.

- Dean H.