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N.E.T. technique helped me with my Driving Phobia


I got my first driving license in my home country 10 years ago, but I avoided being behind the wheel all those years cause of my fear. I made up so many excuses to not drive: "It is too expensive to own the car"; "The public transportation is so well developed in Bay Area"; "I can get everywhere with the bike"....". Those excuses worked well until I moved to East Bay and became a mother and living without a car became very uncomfortable. I was pushed to the corner to start driving.
When I was driving I had an autopilot feeling on top of nausea, sweating, fatigue and constant thoughts that I will die.
During those years I was looking for help and took extra driving classes, worked with a psychologist, tried hypnosis... nothing worked. I just couldn't push myself to be in the driver seat.
One of the business network events I met Dr. Reed and he introduced me to N.E.T. I decided to give one more try to get read of my fear. I purchased 10 sessions package and until the last one, I didn't believe it would work. 
The last session was right before my DMV behind-the-wheel exam. I noticed I was very calm... I passed the test with one little mistake and came back home driving by myself ... with enjoyment. 
I don't know how to explain this experience. Every day, when I drive I think how magical it is to feel so free and independent...  I am so thankful to Dr. Reed.

- Valentina S.