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New Year, New Brand, New Partnership: Azure Sky Chiropractic

Earlier this year, some patients nervously looked at their payment receipts and saw an unfamiliar name: Azure Sky Chiropractic. Fear not, it’s not a scam or a hostile corporate takeover! Azure Sky Chiropractic is the new name of the chiropractic practice you all know and (hopefully!) love at 110 Gough St Suite 201A!

In mid-June of last year, Dr. Jae Reed became fully licensed to practice chiropractic in California, and we began the process of figuring out how to best turn the office into a partnership. The result is Azure Sky, a reference to both the sensation (often reported by patients) that the sky looks a little bluer after a good NET treatment and the Egyptian goddess Nuit, who encompasses all possibilities.

For those who may be wondering… why partner up with a new graduate?!? You must not know that Dr. Jae Reed has a long history with this practice – one that started just over 10 years ago! You see, once upon a time, Jae Reed was “just” a patient here. He started out on a whim, with relatively low expectations, thinking that this might help some body pain, but not much beyond that! Imagine his surprise, then, when he started to experience dramatic changes in his health, including about 50 pounds of weight loss and a reversal of some dangerous kidney blood work numbers!

His medical doctors were astonished, and before long, Jae was referring friends and family – even driving many of them over himself, to make sure that as many people as possible could experience this incredible healing system! Back then, Jae had a very successful career as a teacher and was offered the job as school principal! However, he decided that in order to make the biggest possible positive impact on the world, he had to switch career paths all together and to go to chiropractic school!

During the time that Dr. Reed was student Jae Reed, he suffered (like we all do) through the tedium of school, but even then, he had a big impact, as when he was able to pioneer the first N.E.T. Club at the LifeWest campus. (And, later this year, it looks like N.E.T. will finally be added to the curriculum as an elective, thanks to the work of Dr. Reed. And who will be the very first teacher of N.E.T. at LifeWest Chiropractic College? Dr. Reed!) During his time as a student, Dr. Reed was still active in the office here, not only as an enthusiastic patient, but also as our master food genius, preparing healthy foods and beverages for our talks and events, and helping with activities such as stick stretching and ESM (Energetic Systems Maintenance) classes.

During his final year of chiropractic school, Dr. Reed was an intern at the office, treating people and learning the ropes of how the office runs. So now, at last, with his full licensure, Dr. Reed has reached the goal: to become an integral part of the type of practice – indeed, the very same practice – that first inspired him in the first place to change his life path!

While he is new in clinical practice, he brings to the office his many years of managerial and teaching expertise.  Dr. Kim remains as the cranky old practitioner and senior clinician, and together, they hope to make Azure Sky Chiropractic a powerful force for positive change and profound healing in San Francisco!